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personne physique
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The position I hold in reference to Sir Leicester is so well known to you that I can hardly imagine but that I must long have appeared in your eyes the natural person to make this discovery.
The law authorises a natural person to establish and own a single-person limited liability company whose owner shall only be liable for its obligations as per the capital stated in the articles of association under the limited liability company provisions.
The civil capacity of the natural person is regulated in the new Romanian Civil Code i.
Accordingly, while it is possible to speak of Queen Elizabeth II as a natural person alone, and while most discussion of the Queen tends to invoke the monarch as a natural person, in matters of Canadian law, references to "the Queen," "Her Majesty in Right of Canada," or "the Sovereign" pertain to this legal, or corporate, personality.
The two primary types of legal persons are a natural person and a juristic person.
These include the increase in amount of non-cash payment or money transfer from e1/410,000 to e1/415,000 per month per natural person in each credit institution regardless of the purpose.
Such that applications filed by a natural person which do not contain the name and surname, citizenship number, address and signature of the applicant, or applications filed by legal persons which do not contain a commercial title/business name, address, authorized signatures list of the legal person, and the signatures of those who have the authority to represent and bind the legal person may be treated as incomplete.
The competition is open to all natural person credit unions belonging to NAFCU.
Certain conditions apply if the owner is not a natural person or if the base policy has joint owners.
The new shares are offered at five segments and destined for 20% to Algerian natural person, for 30% to institutionals, for 30% to Algerian corporation, for 10% to insurance general agents and for 10% to the Alliance-Assurances employees and subsidiaries, with a 10% tax relief of share price for these last two categories
Davey has become leader of his party in Lower Saxony and is now seriously regarded as the natural person to follow his ally Merkel into the top post.
The bill further requires that auction businesses be licensed and specifies such requirements, including the disclosure of the business' legal and fictitious names, a complete set of fingerprints of each natural person who controls 20 percent or more of the business, and evidence of financial responsibility.