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personne physique
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The position I hold in reference to Sir Leicester is so well known to you that I can hardly imagine but that I must long have appeared in your eyes the natural person to make this discovery.
Committee MEPs consider that the existing rules on fines to be imposed on legal persons for infringements should be supplemented by penalties against the natural persons responsible.
It is because of the higher rates that natural persons decide to put their excess of money in longer-term deposits," Argir adds.
He noted that the natural persons are Cypriots nationals or persons under a Cypriot address, while there are natural persons or companies that are associated with more than one account.
On its last session, the Council of NBRM decided to liberate the business banks from the obligation to pay the compulsory reserve for the deposits of natural persons in the domestic currency with a due date over one year.
With regards to natural persons, they must enclose with the proxy form a copy of the identity card for adults, or of the passport for females and minors who do not have an identity card; as for non-Omanis, a copy of the resident card or passport is required.
Ruling party GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) has proposed the introduction of an absolute limitation period of ten years for debts of natural persons.
Members of the Parliament Daniyar Terbishaliyev and Elmira Jumaliyeva issued a draft law on bankruptcy of natural persons for a public discussion, which assigns the possibility of debt restructuring and financial rehabilitation of debtor.
As regards floor area, the shares of natural and legal persons in new investment about the sameIn 2012, natural persons completed almost 3,500 buildings with almost 1.
As the corporates and natural persons succumb to the impact of this crisis during the months and years to come, the NCUA will find themselves with a fraction of their current credit union numbers, and they too will be absorbed into one of the other federal financial regulatory bodies.
The main thrust of the amendments is to increase access for companies that have encountered temporary financial difficulties to utilize the possibility to obtain temporary relief through a 'legal protection process', and to make the insolvency process more accessible for natural persons.
We emphasize that this decision is against Bancolombia's officers as natural persons and not against the bank, therefore this decision does not affect the equity of the entity or its solvency.