Natural religion

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a religion based upon the evidences of a God and his qualities, which is supplied by natural phenomena. See Natural theology, under Natural.

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Ritschl and Baur aligned themselves with Schleiermacher in opposing natural religion, but they did not go so far as to believe a superficial charge against Schleiermacher's alleged claim that the basis for religion was primarily emotion.
I have structured the course around David Hume's classic text, Dialogues on Natural Religion.
Nor did Hume's evisceration of the standard arguments for miracles and natural religion.
If we abandon that, if we retain only what can be justified by standards of prudence and convenience at the bar of common sense, then we exchange revelation for that old wraith Natural Religion.
The seven remaining chapters focus on topical areas: his theory of ideas, the limits of human knowledge, the material world and experience, God and natural religion, the soul and its life beyond the body, his political theories and two treatise on government, and the problem of the Church and the State.
But I think the Greeks had a better feel for natural religion than we do.
Muslims believe that Islam is the natural religion of mankind and that it is universal.
While Smith had many unfinished literary projects, he never mentions any desire to publish his lectures on natural religion.
Pietism was to Baumgarten what Arminianism was to Warburton and Vernet, but Sorkin also traces the influence of Dutch Collegialism and English moderatism on Baumgarten's defense of "the true middle way"--a way that included appeals to natural law, natural religion, and revelation and scripture.
Carefully circumscribing inquiry to the realm of experience brings us closer to God, so the counterpart of Locke's natural historical method is an act of natural religion.
Secularization is a Christian triumph precisely because it moves societies away from the crippling discriminatory tendencies of natural religion and toward the essence and core of true biblical religion that is charity and fraternity.
For years they had battled Deism, natural religion, and anything else that tried to explain the world in natural terms alone.

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