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n.1.Nature; naturalness.
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When asked how he coaches the Blues defenders to deal with scheming attackers, Martinez said: "With real naturality.
Jaber added: "Sohat is the most renowned natural mineral water in Lebanon, and will definitely create a sound in UAE because of its outstanding quality, naturality and also with its unique design.
Key Trend 1: Naturality - the direction people want to go in Key Trend 2: Energy - a new golden era?
He identifies the crux of Lyotard's interpretation of Marx as follows: 'Marx pines for the immediacy, transparency, and naturality of pre-capitalist societies' (48; see also 64).
T, satisfying appropriate associativity and unital conditions, and naturality with respect to bijections.
However, Baranauskas & Mickevicius (1995b) noted a positive correlation between the number of otter activity signs and the naturality of the river bed.
It stresses naturality and functoriality and is coordinate-free as possible.
We stand in the discursive economy: it is not about sex and its naturality, but about the statement "sex is natural.
John: Sometimes a man needs a woman in him life to give it naturality.
Despite their strategic interest, ecological networks are inadequate to deal with the complexity of actual ecosystems, especially in areas characterized by "diffused naturality," which constitute a large share of the European rural ternories.
It's conceivable that romantic poetry may yet prove a difficult ally when it comes to any modern turn towards a self-sufficient naturality, one shorn of eschatological horizons.