v. t.1.To endow with a nature or qualities; to refer to nature.
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Before joining KMG, Butler was Pres/CEO of Naturize BioSciences and has held various senior management positions with Zeneca Agrochemicals and ISK Biosciences.
Most recently, he was CEO and president of Naturize BioSciences, which specializes in biological treatments for turf, crop and plant care in the agricultural, golf course and homeowner markets.
Originals: Aretinus (Hyamson: A Dictionary of Universal Biography), asturine (F&W NSD), aurients (OED), austrine (Web2), instaure (Web2), Itureans (Web3), naturise (if naturize, why not-ise?
Butler was President and CEO of Naturize BioSciences, which specialized in biological treatments for the turf, crop and plant care markets.
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Naturize BioSciences LLC of Jacksonville, Florida provides consumer and commercial markets with revolutionary new plant food and potting mix products that blend inorganic plant nutrients with naturally occurring, beneficial soil microorganisms.
Naturize BioSciences LLC of Jacksonville, Florida introduces its new line of Naturize Bio-Charged Plant Foods and Potting Mix to the Jacksonville, Florida consumer market.
Naturize guarantees bigger and heartier plants than ordinary fertilizers, with larger root systems, more blooms and fruits, thicker stalks and greener leaves.
Naturize offers gardeners both a water soluble Bio-Charged Indoor and Potted Plant Food and a granular slow release Bio-Charged Outdoor Plant Food.