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n. pl. na·tur·op·a·thies
A system of therapy that avoids drugs and surgery and relies on natural remedies, such as diet, exercise, and massage, to treat and prevent illness.

na′tur·o·path′ (nā′chər-ə-păth′, nə-cho͝or′-) n.
na′tur·o·path′ic (nā′chər-ə-păth′ĭk, nə-cho͝or′-) adj.


(Complementary Medicine) a method of treating disorders, involving the use of herbs and other naturally grown foods, sunlight, fresh air, etc. Also called: nature cure
naturopath n
naturopathic adj


(ˌneɪ tʃəˈrɒp ə θi, ˌnætʃ ə-)

a method of treating disease that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs but uses fasting, special diets, massage, etc., to assist the natural healing processes.
na′tur•o•path` (-əˌpæθ) n.
na`tur•o•path′ic, adj.

naturopathism, naturopathy

a method of treating disease using food, exercise, heat, etc. to assist the natural healing process. — naturopath, n.naturopathic, adj.
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A system which aims to treat the underlying cause of illness by encouraging the body to cure itself.
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Noun1.naturopathy - a method of treating disease using food and exercise and heat to assist the natural healing process
treatment, intervention - care provided to improve a situation (especially medical procedures or applications that are intended to relieve illness or injury)


[ˌneɪtʃəˈrɒpəθɪ] Nnaturopatía f


n. naturopatía, tratamiento terapéutico por medio de recursos naturales.


n medicina naturista, naturopatía
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Contract awarded for (ors 190) summary interagency iaa terms & services - board of naturopathic medicine
Schleich was named "AANP 2015 Champion of Naturopathic Medicine.
Now, she is a pioneer in integrative and anti-aging medicine, gynecology, dermatology and clinical nutrition with an emphasis in naturopathic medicine.
The naturopathic medicine manufacturer in GieEen (Germany) is among the 100 best employers in Europe.
The Playboy model has studied nutrition and diet at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and has been on a plant-based diet for years.
Based on the principle that the body possesses an inherent ability to heal itself, naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine is a kind of alternative medicine that uses a wide range of natural treatments.
Alschuler graduated from Brown University with an undergraduate degree in Medical Anthropology and received a doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University.
His passion for naturopathic medicine is in having the flexibility to bring to bear whatever resources may be required for patient healing and moving into a state of wellness and excellent health.
The United States Senate has passed a resolution designating 7 to 13 October 2013 as Naturopathic Medicine Week.
Naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine, is a form of alternative medicine based on a belief in vitalism, which posits that a special energy called vital energy or vital force guides bodily processes such as metabolism, reproduction, growth, and adaptation.
At college in Ohio, I was introduced to the field of naturopathic medicine.
Alan Christianson, a doctor of naturopathic medicine, recently told CNBC that the superbug might be a lot worse than AIDS in the short run, as the bacteria is more aggressive and will affect more people quickly, Fox News reported.