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A trademark for an artificial leather made of vinyl-coated fabric.


(Textiles) a brand of synthetic leather made from vinyl-coated fabric


(ˈnɔ gəˌhaɪd)
a brand of strong vinyl-coated fabric made to look like leather.
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We laid our credit cards down, procuring a Triumph with a 150-horsepower oil-dribbling two-stroke motor, white Naugahyde seats, a ragtop canopy and multiple beer holders.
And they're covered with "pleather" (plastic leather) called naugahyde, because in the 1950s leather was considered out of fashion.
It is probably most famous for producing faux leather Naugahyde vinyl.
In 1965, under the direction of Jean Kerfoot, a much-needed facelift was accomplished with the addition of custom furniture, a dropped ceiling to accommodate lighting and air conditioning, carpeting and a new blue Naugahyde cover for the stack perimeter counters.
The dark grey naugahyde high-gloss vinyl seats receive a wild touch with red-and-white "beach towel" seat inserts.
Go-to materials like Leatheretee, Naugahyde, Kydex and vinyl all contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC) dubbed "The Poison Plastic" by the Center for Health, Environment & Justice (chej.
The interior is more likely to be covered in a Mexican blanket or traditional Naugahyde than in fine leather or tweed.
Volunteers with the Trust researched each era and obtained all the furnishings, from rope beds and futons in Lockhouse 22 meant to mimic horsehair mattresses from the 19th century to the Formica tables and Naugahyde beds that reflect the 1950s in Lockhouse 6.
The table is retro with legs of aluminum piping, and the Formica surface matching the Naugahyde seat pads on the chairs.
The reality is Naugahyde, fluor escent lighting, soda and chips.
Yet others manufacture classics (conveniently in the public domain) with covers of gold leaf and hand-tooled naugahyde.
The backyard featured a discarded black Naugahyde couch and some yucca plants.