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An ancient city of Egypt in the Nile River delta southeast of Alexandria. Greek colonists probably settled here in the seventh century bc.


(Placename) an ancient Greek city in N Egypt, in the Nile delta: founded in the 7th century bc


(ˈnɔ krə tɪs)

an ancient Greek city in N Egypt, on the Nile delta.
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But the gallery's showcases also contain a number of trinket-size pieces that possess a great deal of charm, including a pair of oil vessels: one representing the helmeted head of a warrior (possibly made in Rhodes), the other a fish (from the Greek colony of Naukratis in Egypt).
The 23 papers emerged from a workshop held at the Museum in December 2004 in conjunction with the Naukratis Project based at the Gutenberg-Universiat Mainz.
Most notable among the earliest Greeks in Egypt were the Ionian traders who set up an important emporion at Naukratis in the western Nile delta around 625 BC (during the reign of Psammetichos I) to facilitate exchange with Egypt.
The fragments of so-called Chiot chalices with painted dedications, for example, found in large numbers at Naukratis and in smaller but significant quantities in Aegina, Wachter believes were made either all in Naukratis or else in both Naukratis and Aegina, from imported Chiot clay.
Ancient Naukratis 2: Survey at Naukratis and Environs part 1.
Athens 52 27 21 12 7 119 Vari 2 2 4 2 0 10 Aigina 8 5 8 2 9 40 Naukratis 9 11 3 4 3 30
The land trade is of very little consequence'); Amathus may not have been a truly 'eteocypriot' enclave, rather than one that eventually purported to have an indigenous population, in much the same way that 5th-century Athenians claimed to be 'autochthonous'; there is no discussion of the Babylonian destruction of Ashkelon; the discussion of the Dea Syria and Hierapolis needs a reference now to Millar (1993: 243-7); Keryneia probably had a Phoenician presence, since the kingdom of Lapethos close by to the east had Phoenician connections; on the date of the Greek settlement of Naukratis, add Hekataios Fragment der Griechischen Historiker no.