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(Greek ˈnafpaktos)
(Placename) the Greek name for Lepanto


(lɪˈpæn toʊ)

1. Greek, Návpaktos. a seaport in W Greece, on a strait between the Ionian Sea and the Gulf of Corinth: site of naval battle (1571) in which the Turkish fleet was defeated by allied European powers.
2. Gulf of, Corinth, Gulf of.
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57) In the northwest the Athenians based in Naupactus made an expedition against Anactorion, a Corinthian-controlled city, taking it and settling people from Acarnania there.
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Some from this wave of exiles were resettled by the Athenians at Naupactus on the Corinthian Gulf.
Naupactus leucoloma Boheman (Curculionidae) was abundant at all sampling dates.