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 (nô-sĭk′ē-ə, -ā-ə, nou-)
n. Greek Mythology
In the Odyssey, a maiden who befriended the stranded Odysseus.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a daughter of Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians, who assisted the shipwrecked Odysseus after discovering him on a beach
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Minerva took the form of the famous sea captain Dymas's daughter, who was a bosom friend of Nausicaa and just her own age; then, coming up to the girl's bedside like a breath of wind, she hovered over her head and said:
By and by morning came and woke Nausicaa, who began wondering about her dream; she therefore went to the other end of the house to tell her father and mother all about it, and found them in their own room.
They pulled without flagging, and carried not only Nausicaa and her wash of clothes, but the maids also who were with her.
When they had done dinner they threw off the veils that covered their heads and began to play at ball, while Nausicaa sang for them.
To this Nausicaa answered, "Stranger, you appear to be a sensible, well-disposed person.
They made Ulysses sit down in the shelter as Nausicaa had told them, and brought him a shirt and cloak.
Meanwhile, Nausicaa bethought her of another matter.
I lived to watch on a strange shore a black and youthful Nausicaa, with a joyous train of attendant maidens, carrying baskets of linen to a clear stream overhung by the heads of slender palm-trees.
As for Maggie, becoming fascinated, as usual, by a print of Ulysses and Nausicaa, which uncle Pullet had bought as a "pretty Scripture thing," she presently let fall her cake, and in an unlucky movement crushed it beneath her foot,--a source of so much agitation to aunt Pullet and conscious disgrace to Maggie, that she began to despair of hearing the musical snuff-box to-day, till, after some reflection, it occurred to her that Lucy was in high favor enough to venture on asking for a tune.
London: Chief Operating Officer Nausicaa Delfas addressed the FCA at the Cyber Security Summit and Expo 2017.
Nausicaa - The Other Odyssey (UK premiere) Nausicaa, a young princess eager to know the world, meets Odysseus and is fascinated by his tales.
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (2005, PG) Nausicaa must protect her village from toxic attack and learn the ways of giant beetles.