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also Nav·a·ho  (năv′ə-hō′, nä′və-)
n. pl. Navajo or Nav·a·jos also Navaho or Nav·a·hos
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting extensive reservation lands in Arizona, New Mexico, and southeast Utah. The most populous of contemporary Native American groups in the United States, the Navajo are noted as stockbreeders and skilled weavers, potters, and silversmiths.
2. The Apachean language of the Navajo.

[American Spanish Navajó, originally a place name, from Tewa navahū, large arroyo with cultivated fields.]

Nav′a·jo′ adj.


(ˈnævəˌhəʊ; ˈnɑː-) or


npl -ho, -hos, -hoes, -jo, -jos or -joes
1. (Peoples) a member of a North American Indian people of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Athapascan group of the Na-Dene phylum
[C18: from Spanish Navajó pueblo, from Tena Navahu large planted field]
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Noun1.Navaho - a member of an Athapaskan people that migrated to Arizona and New Mexico and UtahNavaho - a member of an Athapaskan people that migrated to Arizona and New Mexico and Utah
Athabaskan, Athapascan, Athapaskan, Athabascan - a member of any of the North American Indian groups speaking an Athapaskan language and living in the subarctic regions of western Canada and central Alaska
2.Navaho - the Athapaskan language spoken by the Navaho
Athabascan, Athapaskan language, Athabaskan, Athapascan, Athapaskan - a group of Amerindian languages (the name coined by an American anthropologist, Edward Sapir)


A. ADJnavajo
B. N
1. (also Navaho Indian) → Navajo mf
2. (Ling) → Navajo m
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2015) from plants of 3 blackberry cultivars (878, Navaho, and Tupi) were collected from an organic orchard in Monte Grande (27.
Established red raspberries, including Meeker, Cascade Delight and Vintage; black raspberries such as Jewel; and blackberries like Marion, Boysen, Columbia Star, Navaho and Triple Crown, need some care in early spring in order to stay healthy and productive.
So he is able to perform key service to his two proteges, Jim Chee and Bernadette Manuelito, two Navaho police officers now married to each other for two years.
5 MHz, located in Navaho territory in the northeast corner of the state.
North American Aviation planned a second generation X-15 that, boosted by Navaho missiles, could have entered orbit, but NASA rejected the concept in favor of the cheaper, simpler "capsules" of Project Mercury.
During his 18-year career in psychology, he launched and administered a medical center substance-abuse program treating Navaho patients in Farmington, New Mexico, and directed a child-protection team for the Hawaii Department of Health in Kona, Hawaii.
An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as native Americans.
Air Choice One is offering packages with 18 or 24 weekly flights to Nashville on either a Cessna Grand Caravan or Piper Navaho aircraft.
Ideally located at Cobalt Central, a retail destination which includes a Tesco Express, Greggs, Navaho Coffee and Chisholms.
Arizona had different rock formations, sacred Navaho mountains, and an amazing Rainbow Bridge formed millions of years ago by melting ice.
The new development boasts a Tesco, Greggs, Chisholms and Navaho Coffee.
After earlier struggles with the United States Army, finally, in the spring of 1864, all Navaho were told to give themselves up and settle at Fort Sumner.