Naval tactics

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the science of managing or maneuvering vessels sailing in squadrons or fleets.

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If, on the other hand, he take pleasure in naval tactics, he will assuredly have full scope for his taste.
The premier Naval Exercise MALPAK-17 was aimed at strengthening bilateral relationship, enhancing interoperability between the two navies through development of combined naval tactics, techniques and procedures as well as to provide impetus to growing mutual naval collaboration between Pakistan and Malaysia.
Sessions on naval tactics have been added to allow the students to participate in multiple active-learning events.
The whole ship simulation suites of various vessels combined with a high-fidelity synthetic environment based on the Common Database (CDB) will also enable development and evaluation of naval tactics, procedures and doctrine.
The last of those inserts gives an overview of American and Japanese naval tactics with illustrations and descriptions of each nation's major warships.
presents students, academics, and general interest readers with a collection of academic articles and scholarly papers focused on the theory and practice of naval tactics in history and contemporary operations.
The air forces engaged in various aerial manoeuvres and the naval forces also engaged in a number of naval tactics and sailing formations during the day and at night.
Macdonough's unorthodox naval tactics proved too much for the British fleet, which heavily outnumbered the Americans.
The vicissitudes of naval tactics, whether an emphasis on ramming or ships as floating fortresses for essentially terrestrial combat at sea, are noted with their attendant effects on designs and types.
However, the Didact believed that the key to winning the war lied in conventional naval tactics.
Role-playing demonstrations showed Naval tactics in pirate hostage rescue.
Naval guns still had a place in post-war naval tactics, but were primarily intended for shore bombardment, anti-aircraft fire and close-in defence against aircraft and missiles.

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