Navicular bone

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(Anat.) One of the middle bones of the tarsus, corresponding to the centrale
A proximal bone on the radial side of the carpus; the scaphoid.

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The cause, she said, was navicular syndrome in both of the horse's front feet, caused either by an inflammation or degeneration of the navicular bone and its surrounding tissue.
in position of weight bearing, level of tuberosity difference of navicular bone is less in under research and control groups.
1 overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers, had two screws inserted into the navicular bone in his right foot at Southern California Orthopedic Institute.
Joel Embiid suffered a stress fracture to the navicular bone in his right foot," Arn Tellem said Thursday via ESPN.
A joint statement by Arsenal and the FA said: "Jack Wilshere has sustained a hairline fracture to the navicular bone in his left foot.
Scans straight after the match gave Wilshere the all-clear, but Arsenal's medical staff uncovered the hairline fracture in the navicular bone on his left foot following further checks yesterday morning.
Additional, during the foot loading the higher pressure distribution was under navicular bone and under cuboid bone in flat feet subjects.
The son of Spinning World sucumbed to a long-running and deep infection in the navicular bone of his near-hind foot, which had disrupted his covering season.
A broken navicular bone meant rest for three months - and learning to jump off her other foot.
Fractures in the 5th metatarsal, talus and navicular bone heal very slowly or may not heal at all due to poor blood supply.
The foot soreness Mckay felt during Victoria's Big Bash win over Queensland on January 3 has been revealed as a stress fracture of the navicular bone in his left foot.