Navicular bone

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(Anat.) One of the middle bones of the tarsus, corresponding to the centrale
A proximal bone on the radial side of the carpus; the scaphoid.

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Navicular drop test (NDT) which is a valid measure of foot pronation (26, 34), is defined as the difference between height of navicular tuberosity at neutral position of subtalar joint and its height in relaxed stance.
This landmark was imaged in the frontal plane and lateral to the navicular tuberosity by 1/3 of the navicular width.
Second, tissue compression is measured from a point that is lateral to the navicular tuberosity.
Second method is based on level of displacement of navicular tuberosity [14-16], that was measured by mechanical Metrecom device (Guangula, made in China) by 0.
In the first stage, in sitting on chair position, feet non weight bearing, the height of navicular tuberosity was measured.
15,16) Finally, the presence of a prominent navicular tuberosity or an accessory navicular have been linked to PTT tears.
Palpation reproduced pain over the right navicular tuberosity, which appeared to be mildly swollen.
The type III accessory navicular, or cornuate navicular, is a prominent navicular tuberosity, which is essentially a type II ossicle connected to the medial aspect of the parent navicular by an osseous bridge.
It courses posteriorly and medially around the ankle in a groove adjacent to the medial malleolus and inserts on the midfoot in the area of the navicular tuberosity.