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The first part of the book, "Global Discourses and Regional Politics," consists of three chapters titled "Culture Blind and Culture Blinded: Images of Middle Eastern Conflicts in International Relations," "Reinterpreting History: Perceptions of Nazism in Egyptian Media," and "Internationalization of Anti-Islamist Discourse and Creation of Regional Antiterrorism Mechanism: the Initiative of Mubarak's Egypt.
At first glance it would seem difficult to fathom the rise of Nazism in a country that was long the source of formidable humanistic scholarship and scientific achievements.
This is a taut thriller in which the grounds for torture, rape and murder is Nazism.
This connection between Nazism and art is complex, and hopefully some of Bolano's other works will be translated into English, so readers can see how this theme plays itself out.
That's no small feat in a world that, even after the fall of Nazism, communism, and other collectivist ideologies, still looks with suspicion on economic self-interest.
In 1940, when it looked as if Britain was going to be invaded and might be taken over by Nazism, thousands of American families--and Canadian families too--offered to take in British children for the duration of the war.
Because after being pictured paying homage to Nazism, Harry and di Canio at least tried to deny they give succour to dangerous, racist, right-wing thugs.
He refers to Nazism in the context of Germans who had moral concerns with events in their own country's past.
Complex in that the post-war social conditions provided the precursors for Nazism.
They travelled to France to commemorate the Allied invasion 60 years ago that began the battle to crush Nazism in Europe.
More than 3000 agents were trained at Arisaig, Inverness-shire, to defeat Nazism in Europe during World War II.
In this provocative book, SteigmannGall sets out to show that Nazism had a much closer relationship to Christianity than people think.