Neap tides

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the lowest tides of the lunar month, which occur in the second and fourth quarters of the moon; - opposed to spring tides.

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This week they are in Fort William, waiting for the neap tides – the quieter, low tides – before they negotiate the Sound of Jura, which can be treacherous to attempt in a dangerous spring tide.
works with the appropriate agencies to facilitate the further studies suggested by the Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies, and that the cocklers' experiences and observations of the cockle beds during the neap tides are considered as part of those further studies; * 5.
ALEXANDRIA: Casting their long rods, lines and bait into the Mediterranean, fisher folk are taking advantage of the season's neap tides.
We are on neap tides at the moment and there was enough space for the animal to remain there safely overnight," said coastguard Dave Millar.
During the summer neap tides, most of the channels were a little over 1 m deep during the sampling interval.
On neap tides, it will go out less far and there will be less time available for rockpooling.
Neap tides occur two days after the first and last quarter.
During neap tides the tidal range is relatively small, so little water washes the banks in the wetlands.
For example, Pugh discusses the "age of the tide", the lag of spring and neap tides behind full and new moon at which the solar and lunar tidal forces combine.
Suspended sediment transects in the estuary were carried out along the salinity gradient during inflowing and outflowing water for spring and neap tides in dry and wet seasons during the 2-year study period (1994-96).