Neapolitan ice

Ne`a`pol´i`tan ice

1.An ice or ice cream containing eggs as well as cream.
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Just like Neapolitan ice cream you can *never* make up your mind.
Neapolitan ice cream is traditionally made up week) of how many flavours?
His discussion with his wife Bev (Erin McGinnis) about seemingly inconsequential things such as various national capitals and the origin of neapolitan ice cream, belie their internal battle to make sense out of the senselessness of their son's suicide.
The Aussie (right), who is currently sporting a hairstyle that resembles a Neapolitan ice cream, stooped to a new low when telling Stanislas Wawrinka that his pal Thanasi Kokkinakis had slept with Stan's girlfriend.
He wished he had some to offer her, but all he had in his freezer was a cardboard box of drugstore brand Neapolitan ice cream.
Everything about them was bright and beautiful, and I was desperate to be just like her and live in a home decorated like a Neapolitan ice cream.
They're like Neapolitan ice cream, and their flavor changes depending on how far behind schedule we are.
But inflationary pressures coupled with the increase in VAT meant Lewis's [pounds sterling]2 price-marked three-litre packs of Banoffee Neapolitan ice cream were no longer financially viable, thanks to a combination of commodity costs, VAT and retailers' reluctance to increase prices on price-marked products.
What are the three flavours of Neapolitan ice cream?
Reminiscent of sweet sorbets and Neapolitan ice creams, these products look good enough to eat and bring out the girly-girl in you, whatever your age.
Taking advantage of Argent's hands on approach, Entices engaged the landlord's development expertise for the fit out of their retail unit which features Italian counters and equipment alongside a pink and green colour scheme reminiscent of Neapolitan ice cream.