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n.1.An advocate of the doctrine of philosophical necessity; a necessitarian.
a.1.Of or pertaining to necessarianism.
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What was condemned by the verdict of the Bishop of Paris can basically be encapsulated in some standard bywords for the world as an uncreated and necessarian finite continuum, that is, it denounced eternity, lack of contingency and of freedom of will, the impossibility of vacuum and of multiple worlds.
Meadows fails to recognize the Necessarian requirements of Realism, in which each action leads through a chain of nearly inevitable consequences to the plot's conclusion.
147); inform John Thelwall, "Guilt is out of the Question--I am a Necessarian and of course deny the possibility of it" (CL 1.
He asserted free will and preferred to call himself a necessarian,
The empiricist and necessarian philosopher denies the self-determining power of the mind by attributing the association of ideas to an external first cause; the idealist, finding an innate cause (the imagination) for association, asserts exactly that power.