longnose pliers

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long′nose pli′ers

(löŋˌnoʊz, ˈlɒŋ-)
(used with a sing. or pl. v.) pliers having tapered ends, for working in a small space or with a small object.
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Then, use needle-nose pliers to pull the needle the rest of the way through.
The directions indicate you may have to bend the trigger's bolt release slightly with a needle-nose pliers in order for it to fit the notch in the bolt stop precisely, but mine fit perfectly without any adjustment.
Sort of a Swiss Army knife for guns, the AR-15 tool sports a useful collection of tools: needle-nose pliers, carbide cutter, carbide glass-breaker, carrier scraper, 10-function bolt/firing pin/cam pin scraper, cotter pin puller, bolt override tool, Al & A2 front sight adjuster, interchangeable pin punch, interchangeable hooked pick, 8-32 male and female thread receivers, 3/4" 440c serrated Tanto knife, 12 high-quality bits with bit driver, tap hammer, metal file.
His collection of hand tools includes a magnet, magnifying glasses, needle-nose pliers and tweezers.
I've used the needle-nose pliers to pull cactus spines from paws, the knife to cut a T-shirt into strips for a temporary sling, and the saw to hack a tree limb to size for a splint.
Fish out the obstruction with a pair of tongs or needle-nose pliers.
They are four times deeper than the teeth on needle-nose pliers, allowing Lawn Jaws to grasp the root of the weed and eliminate the problem.
This fish had taken the hook deep--so deep that it was a job for needle-nose pliers and adult hands.
Small needle-nose pliers wiggled gently should effectively extract the tooth from the jawbone socket.
Similarly drawing its expressive richness from a certain semantic ambiguity, NeedleKnows, 2012, consists of two hundred embroideries in red thread on white paper, each depicting a needle-nose pliers.
The Bowsmith contains needle-nose pliers, a string spreader, knife blade, fletching stripper, nock crimp, string loop setter, and a bevy of other tools (28 in total).
YOU''LL NEED: Wire (20 gauge) Ruler Wire cutters Plastic beads (12mm, 8mm, 6mm, and 4 mm) Needle-nose pliers HOW TO MAKE IT: Bend an 18-inch length of wire in half.