longnose pliers

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long′nose pli′ers

(löŋˌnoʊz, ˈlɒŋ-)
(used with a sing. or pl. v.) pliers having tapered ends, for working in a small space or with a small object.
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I've used the needle-nose pliers to pull cactus spines from paws, the knife to cut a T-shirt into strips for a temporary sling, and the saw to hack a tree limb to size for a splint.
Small needle-nose pliers wiggled gently should effectively extract the tooth from the jawbone socket.
Similarly drawing its expressive richness from a certain semantic ambiguity, NeedleKnows, 2012, consists of two hundred embroideries in red thread on white paper, each depicting a needle-nose pliers.
The Bowsmith contains needle-nose pliers, a string spreader, knife blade, fletching stripper, nock crimp, string loop setter, and a bevy of other tools (28 in total).
YOU''LL NEED: Wire (20 gauge) Ruler Wire cutters Plastic beads (12mm, 8mm, 6mm, and 4 mm) Needle-nose pliers HOW TO MAKE IT: Bend an 18-inch length of wire in half.
4 Bring along a pair of needle-nose pliers, hemostat or all-purpose tool with pliers to remove prickly pear cactus and sand burs from dog's feet and legs.
Remove the cotter pin in the slotted castle nut on the axle with needle-nose pliers.
Grandpa had used the needle-nose pliers to snip off the barb, ignoring Josh's protest about ruining the lure.
Also included in the main tool are the usual suspects: Needle-nose pliers, knife and saw blades, wire cutters/ strippers, cord and webbing cutter, and a carabiner that also serves as a bottle cap opener.
Number of Finch Finch Genus Types of Finches Species Tool Analogy for Beak Geospiza Ground and cactus 6 Heavy duty finches linesman's pliers Camarhynchus Tree finches 3 High leverage diagonal pliers Cactospiza Woodpecker and 2 Long chain nose mangrove finches pliers Platyspiza Vegetarian finch 1 Parrot-head gripping pliers Pinaroloxias Cocus island finch 1 Curved needle-nosed pliers Certhidea Warbler finch 1 Needle-nose pliers
Sometimes it was too difficult simply to use her fingers to pull the knot apart, so she learned how to use needle-nose pliers to remove stubborn knots (she continues to refine her use of this tool).
Also, spinner building will be taught; bring a pair of rounded needle-nose pliers.