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n.1.A case to keep needles.
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We then did a craft activity and all made a small needlecase.
There are three places in the "Watsons" manuscript where second thoughts have led to larger insertions in the text, made on paper cut to shape, and attached with a tiny pin (Austen was a very skilled needlewoman: family members often comment on her proficiency, and a beautifully-worked tiny needlecase she made for a sister-in-law still exists).
Responding to the fashions of the day, Huron-Wendat embroiderers produced articles such as cheroot and calling card cases, needlecases, spectacles and scissors cases, notebooks, purses, pincushions, dish-like pin trays, fans, small lidded boxes, and miniature furniture.
Two of the resident stallholders visited the Lille Brocante in Northern France and sourced some interesting items such as a Christian Dior perfume atomizer, pretty trinket boxes,vintage treen needlecases and mother of pearl buttons.
In so doing, they left behind the pots and spears, the combs and hairpins, the needlecases and aprons, the spoons and stools and spools.
The use of beads declined in the 1700s but was revived towards the end of the century when it became fashionable to cover small objects such as needlecases with them.