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One who makes malicious charges and otherwise attempts to discredit an opponent, as in a political campaign.

mud′sling′ing n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) casting malicious slurs on an opponent, esp in politics
ˈmudˌslinger n


(ˈmʌdˌslɪŋ ɪŋ)

efforts to discredit one's opponent by malicious or scandalous attacks.
mud′sling`er, n.
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An attempt to destroy someone's reputation:


[ˈmʌdˌslɪŋɪŋ] Ninjurias fpl
there won't be any mudslinging in this campaignno habrá ataques personales en esta campaña
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As the problems multiply, we have the two main candidates for president traipsing around the country in their private planes spending hundreds of millions of dollars in negative campaigning in some sort of race to the gutter.
There may be no more enigmatic concept in politics than negative campaigning.
SOME months ago I caused a commotion on these letters pages for highlighting the negative campaigning of the Colne Valley Labour Party.
LABOUR Councillors Lambert and Stockdale stated in the Journal (Jan 5) that they do not believe in negative campaigning - yet in the same letter launched into precisely that kind of negative tirade against Ukip.
Objective: Negative campaigning consists of criticizing one s political opponent in an attempt to win voters by diminishing the attractiveness of the opponent.
The campaigns fought were based on local issues and I am glad to say that negative campaigning was kept to an absolute minimum, demonstrating the calibre of all who stood.
Voters have a right to know the facts even if these are described as black propaganda and negative campaigning.
A key figure in the anti-independence campaign yesterday promised to ditch negative campaigning.
The whole point of this campaign in changing the voting system should not be negative campaigning but how to improve democracy in Britain.
We are hoping that this would include the growing opposition to what we call a negative campaigning style that seeks only political points at the expense of the current president," Olivar said.
WE would like the opportunity to reply to the letter in your paper from Karl-James Langford regarding negative campaigning toward Barry Shaw the former Plaid Cymru Vale of Glamorgan Councillor for Castleland Ward in Barry.
American style negative campaigning has taken a grip of both main parties in Liverpool.