negative predictive value

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neg·a·tive pre·dic·tive val·ue

n. valor pronóstico de un diagnóstico con resultado negativo.
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There were two primary endpoints; one to determine the sensitivity and specificity of CRP against blood culture and second was to determine the negative predictive value of CRP in determining the duration of anti-biotic in neonates presenting with sepsis.
Positive and negative predictive value (PPV, NPV) is the probability of the disease will be present or absent when screening test is positive or negative respectively.
The negative predictive value for any positive culture in the adult population included in the study was 95.
A two by two table was used to determine the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and diagnostic accuracy of MASS.
Positive predictive value and negative predictive value tell clinicians how to interpret a laboratory test.
9% and negative predictive value of 100% in age ≤3 years, the specificity of 97.
Clinicians and researchers have postulated that sFlt1:P1GF may be used as a diagnostic tool with a high negative predictive value that would distinguish between diagnoses that have overlapping signs and symptoms with preeclampsia.
We found that sentinel lymph node biopsy in our clinic had a 91% negative predictive value for local recurrence, nodal recurrence, and disease-specific death.
A threshold of greater than or equal to 3 days with alcohol use in the past year yielded "optimal psychometric performance" for early and middle adolescence: sensitivity of 91%; specificity of 93%; positive predictive value of 44%; and negative predictive value of 99%.
1% [127 of 342] outside the United States), a single negative Xpert MTB/RIF Assay result predicted the absence of AFB smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis with a negative predictive value of 99.
In addition, the negative predictive value for not having clinically relevant disease for HPV primary was comparable to or better than the other 2 strategies (TABLE).
If a patient has chest pain and goes directly to CT, the negative predictive value is so high that more than half the patients can safely go straight home.