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Ne·he·mi·ah 1

 (nē′hə-mī′ə, nē′ə-)
A Jewish leader and governor of Judea in the fifth century bc.

[Hebrew nəḥemyāh, Yahweh comforted : niḥam, nəḥem, he comforted; see nḥm in Semitic roots + yāh, Yahweh; see hwy in Semitic roots.]

Ne·he·mi·ah 2

 (nē′hə-mī′ə, nē′ə-)
See Table at Bible.

[After Nehemiah.]


1. (Bible) a Jewish official at the court of Artaxerxes, king of Persia, who in 444 bc became a leader in the rebuilding of Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity
2. (Bible) the book recounting the acts of Nehemiah


(ˌni əˈmaɪ ə)

1. a Hebrew leader of the 5th century b.c.
2. a book of the Bible bearing his name.
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Noun1.Nehemiah - an Old Testament book telling how a Jewish official at the court of Artaxerxes I in 444 BC became a leader in rebuilding Jerusalem after the Babylonian CaptivityNehemiah - an Old Testament book telling how a Jewish official at the court of Artaxerxes I in 444 BC became a leader in rebuilding Jerusalem after the Babylonian Captivity
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
Hagiographa, Ketubim, Writings - the third of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures
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Nehemiah, a sophomore at Metea Valley High School in Aurora who volunteered Saturday at the noisemaker station, said the contraption could be pounded like a drum or blown like a horn.
God enabled Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem to lead the rebuilding effort (2:1-8).
Don Polaski regards Nehemiah as a colonial governor caught between imperial edicts and the effort to forge his own realm of control.
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During the training period, you don't compete with other players but with yourself, within a limited time,' Nehemiah said.
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16 November 2016 - Virginia-based cybersecurity software supplier Nehemiah Security has acquired New Hampshire-based advanced research and development company Siege Technologies, the company said.
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A highlight from the newly published Museum of the Bible collection is a fragment from the Book of Nehemiah (Nehemiah 2:13-16).
These ideas are based on the biblical narrative of Ezra reading the Torah to the masses in Nehemiah 8:1-8, making him the archetype of everything to do with public Torah reading.
Nehemiah Palmer, a prisoner who was caught with a mobile phone and charger hidden inside his body when he was |searched at the start of a jail term