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Noun1.Jawaharlal Nehru - Indian statesman and leader with Gandhi in the struggle for home rule; was the first prime minister of the Republic of India from 1947 to 1964 (1889-1964)
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The Gandhian and Nehruvian idea of a democratic and inclusive India is being threatened by the exclusivist, Hindu supremacist India of Golwalkar's dreams.
It's The Cosmopolitans in the plural because I wanted to explore some of the different ways of being modern in India today, like the residue of the Nehruvian nation- building mode or the questions addressed by contemporary art,"she answers.
Although proponents of economic liberalization condemn India's socialist Nehruvian economic policies, they did alleviate poverty.
The media's unpreparedness to deal critically with UCC (and later with the disaster's aftermaths) dates back to the Nehruvian era.
The core of Nehruvian socialism", Sonia declared without an iota of remorse or misgiving, "is the conviction that in a land of poverty and inequality, the government's objective must be the welfare of the poorest, most deprived and most marginalised.
Nehruvian Economic Philosophy and its Contemporary Relevance (ed.
The election of a Hindu nationalist leader at this turning point in India's history has raised serious concerns, mostly from ardent Nehruvian secularists, primarily because of the 2002 Hindu-Muslim riots, where almost 1,000 Indian Muslims were killed under Modi's watch.
Thirteen essays address: the Nehruvian masculinity of technological revolution; intersectionalities of Indian masculinities with ethnicity, class, nationality, sexuality, and age; the intersection of identity among "fat" gay men; societal attitudes towards male same-sex relationships; culture, race, and sexuality in the experience of queer Indian men in London; the relationship between language/culture and attitudes towards the male body; the subversion of masculinity in V.
He said as the elections to the Parliament approaches, JNU can lead the way in building intellectual opinion that creates a congenial climate for a return to the spirit and practice of the Nehruvian days.
Reconfigured in 1957 as a Nehruvian public-sector enterprise, ML is famous for having manufactured India's only 35-mm camera, the National 35.
The Indian Union premises its existence on the Nehruvian ideals of socialism and secularism with a few irritants of contemporary communal strife in the domestic milieu.
From a family of kathakars (itinerant storytellers), Sitara straddled the worlds of classical, film and modernist dance, pioneered by the likes of Uday Shankar: she embodies the heterogeneous cartography of culture in Nehruvian India.