neighbourhood watch

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neighbourhood watch

a scheme under which members of a community agree together to take responsibility for keeping an eye on each other's property, as a way of preventing crime
نِظام مُراقَبَة الحَي
bezpečnostní strážní služba
bezpečnostná strážna služba
semt gözetimi


(American) neighbor (ˈneibə) noun
a person who lives near oneself. my next-door neighbour.
ˈneighbourhood noun
1. a district or area, especially in a town or city. a poor neighbourhood.
2. a district or area surrounding a particular place. He lives somewhere in the neighbourhood of the station.
ˈneighbourhood watch (American neighborhood watch;also sentry watch) noun
a system allowing organized groups of people to police their neighbourhoods to prevent crime.
ˈneighbouring adjective
near or next in place. France and Belgium are neighbouring countries.
ˈneighbourly adjective
(negative unneighbourly) friendly. a very neighbourly person.
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Quinsigamond Village Neighborhood Watch Meeting, 6 p.
Fadhel Safar said the neighborhood watch staff will be entitled to enforce municipal laws, record violations and arrest violators.
An OSCE-supported visit to Estonia of eight leaders of neighborhood watch from Bishkek and Karakol started on Monday.
Read about the upcoming neighborhood watch meeting on page 7.
In fact, we could not survive without the trust and selfless support that the Middletown community and the Neighborhood Watch always has given us.
With the familiar strains of "Heeeeere's Johnny" resounding throughout the auditorium, professional sidekick Ed McMahon introduced Attorney General John Ashcroft to an enthusiastic audience of representatives from more than 300 Neighborhood Watch groups meeting in Washington, D.
That's how it will be for lenders with high default rates now that FHA has rolled out its new automated monitoring initiative: Neighborhood Watch.
Lake Avenue Towers Neighborhood Watch Meeting, 1 p.
A Neighborhood Watch project that has successfully operated in Bishkek for four years was expanded to Kyrgyzstan's Issyk-Kul oblast on Thursday.
The premise is the same as our Neighborhood Watch,'' Sgt.
The police should advocate crime prevention practices, such as Neighborhood Watch, in the communities they serve.

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