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Noun1.Neil Simon - United States playwright noted for light comedies (born in 1927)
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Neil Simon, the award-winning author of such greats as Barefoot in the Park, Biloxi Blues and The Odd Couple, is often named as America's greatest living comedy playwright.
The script is by the master of such comedies, Neil Simon.
Neil Simon on Screen: Adaptations and Original Scripts for Film and Television
Well you are in for a right one as of Thursday when the Anglo Cypriot Theatre (ACT) will present the comedy classic, The Odd Couple (Female Version) by Neil Simon.
uk Hilarity abounds in this famous comedy by Neil Simon, author of The Odd Couple, as three different couples successively occupy suite 719 at the Plaza.
Neil Simon is one of America's most popular dramatists, author of the classics The Odd Couple and Brighton Beach Memoirs.
John Medical Center, which gives AUA medical and nursing students access to the highest quality hospital equipment and patient care amenities in the Caribbean, said AUA President/Founder Neil Simon, adding that the 185-bed hospital features five operating theatres, an electronic records ssystem, a 16-slice Computed Tomography Scanner and a full endoscopy suite.
Washington, February 27 (ANI): Oscar-winning comedian Robin Williams is all set to bring his stand-up on Broadway stage, when the tour of his solo show 'Weapons of Self-Destruction' gets a short stint at the Neil Simon Theater in the spring.
PLAY PREVIEW The Odd Couple (female version) What: Neil Simon comedy with the two male roles switched to females Where: Cottage Theatre, 700 Village Drive, Cottage Grove When: 8 p.
What do playwright Neil Simon, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and mathematician Henri Poincare have in common?
on July 26, following complications from a stroke, according to his brother, Neil Simon.
This Neil Simon comedy has been lauded in the fliers as 'hilarious'.