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Noun1.Nelson Algren - United States writer (1909-1981)
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centered prostitution in Korea, while Nelson Algren (best known for writing "The Man With The Golden Arm") was criticized for his "typical" description of an amorous evening spent in Busan's Texas Street, as well as the inclusion of the brothel's address (472 Choryang-dong), of which Wade wrote, "Talk about kiss and tell
Il est vrai que lorsqu'elle parle de Leduc a Nelson Algren, Beauvoir la decrit le 7 octobre 1947 comme << la plus hardie des femmes que je connaisse, aussi hardie dans le contenu de ce qu'elle ecrit que dans sa facon de l'exprimer >> et ajoute, au sujet du journal que celle-ci lui fait lire (et qui deviendra, une fois les dates ou les lieux supprimes, L'Affamee) : << Presque toutes les femmes ecrivains gardent une certaine timidite, meme sur le plan litteraire, une fadeur, une delicatesse superflues, si vous voyez ce que je veux dire.
Chicago Noir: The Classics" features classic noir tales by Harry Stephen Keeler, Sherwood Anderson, Max Allan Collins, Richard Wright, Nelson Algren, Fredric Brown, Patricia Highsmith, Barry Gifford, Stuart M.
THERE'S A FOUNTAIN at the intersection of Ashland, Milwaukee, and Division in Chicago dedicated to Nelson Algren, but few locals remember who he was.
Neon was not "introduced to literature in 1947 by the novelist Nelson Algren in The Neon Wilderness" (15).
BETTINA DREW is the author of a biography of Nelson Algren and the essay collection on the built environment, Crossing the Expendable Landscape, both of which received Special Citations from PEN.
Nelson Algren (1909-1981) didn't leave much of an imprint on the state, moving away from the town of his birth--Detroit--when he was just a child.
The poems are intelligent, honest, and beautifully articulated, but, as Nelson Algren used to say, they "cut in a little close.
Jeremy T Wilson has been named the winner of the 2012 Nelson Algren Award for short fiction for his story Everything is Going to Be Okay.
Savings can't buy everything in the future, for example poverty" - Nelson Algren
Isn't Huck, however, more generically, a representative of that heavily Celtic, it is true, "shambling tribe," Nelson Algren described-"that gander-necked clan from which Calhoun and Jackson sprang.
That was also a time where a number of good writers, like Nelson Algren, even Hemingway and Steinbeck, were closely connected to Chicago and those who I read were very conscious of the problems of groups of people, unfair violence, and the like.