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Noun1.Nematocera - mosquitoes; fungus gnats; crane flies; gnats; sand flies
animal order - the order of animals
Diptera, order Diptera - a large order of insects having a single pair of wings and sucking or piercing mouths; includes true flies and mosquitoes and gnats and crane flies
Ceratopogonidae, family Ceratopogonidae - biting midges; sand flies
family Psychodidae, Psychodidae - very small two-winged flies with hairy wings that develop in moss and damp vegetable matter: sand flies
family Sciaridae, Sciaridae - fungus gnats
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Clogmia (Telmatoscopus) albipunctata is a primitive Nematocera of the family Psychodidae, subfamily Psychodinae which are non-biting moth flies known as drain, and bathroom or filter flies (13).
The insect was identified as Simulium albivirgulatum Wanson and Hevrard 1944, belonging to the order Diptera, suborder Nematocera.
While pursuing dragonflies, his keen observational skills led him to the discovery, in Oman, of a midge (Diptera : Nematocera : Ceratopogonidae) new to science--found on the wings of dragonflies, and he was given the honour of naming it.
It's when you come across something like this that you gladly realise your attention span is still more than a match for that of the tiny flying insect in the Dipterid suborder Nematocera.
For the swarming, flying and biting members of the family Nematocera there is no such thing as anticipation or deferred rewards.
Pool screen PCR for estimating the prevalence of Leishmania infantum infection in sandflies (Diptera: Nematocera, Phlebotomidae).
1 INSECTA 15 Coleoptera 8 Apionidae (Perapion curtirostre) 1 Coccinellidae (Adalia bipunctata) 1 (Aphidecta obliteratata) 1 (Coccidula rufa) 2 Carabidae (Pterostichus diligens) 2 Chrysomelidae (Prasocuris marginella) 1 Diptera 1 Nematocera 1 Heteroptera 3 Hymenoptera 2 Chalcidoidea 2 Lepidoptera (caterpillars) 1 ARTHROPODS (total) 620