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A valley of the northern Peloponnesus in southern Greece. According to legend, Hercules slew a monstrous lion here as the first of his 12 labors.

Ne′me·an adj. & n.


(Placename) of or relating to the valley of Nemea in ancient Greece or its inhabitants
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After the contest at Chalcis, Hesiod went to Delphi and there was warned that the `issue of death should overtake him in the fair grove of Nemean Zeus.
No true boy feels that; he would rather go and slay the Nemean lion, or perform any round of heroic labors, than endure perpetual appeals to his pity, for evils over which he can make no conquest.
The pen drawing is deliberately free in parts, leaving the viewer to complete the monstrous form of the Nemean lion and conveying a sense of graceful nonchalance or sprezzatura.
These views will be accompanied by fascinating facts about the annual shower, a look into what causes these regular events, and the harrowing tale of the Greek hero Hercules and his battle with the Nemean Lion.
vi) Strength: His peerless power is demonstrated by a Pindar's testimony where Achilles at the age of six killed lions and bears and put the carcasses in Chiron's cave (24) while, for instance, Heracles killed the Nemean Lion at his peak.
In slaying and then skinning the formidable Nemean Lion and stalking and capturing the sacred Hind of Ceryneia, Hercules was at risk for various zoonotic diseases.
And he certainly hasn't slain the Nemean lion, captured the Cretan bull or corralled the cattle of Geryon - although Hercules' fifth labor, cleaning the Augean stables, does have curious resonance with some of Mike's efforts over the past 12 months.
In this project it is proposed to cover the Nemean sanitation needs.
Kelly has caught the emotions of the story vividly, so that you do not need to read the text to know that Zeus and Hera are arguing, or the amount of physical skill that Hercules brings to fighting the Nemean Lion
But the real tasks come when the Nemean lion arrives - de-skinned by Heracles - and Hera orders him to heal her pet hydra, which has had all nine of its heads cut off.
These lines refer to the reason of the foundation of the Nemean games: they are hold in honor of Archemorus (also known as Opheltes), an infant that died because his nurse left him on the ground and a fiery-eyed monstrous dragon killed him in his sleep.
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