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Tumors are poorly circumscribed with an infiltrative border, including extracapsular extension beyond the salivary gland; the neoplastic cells show significant perineural (figure 2) and lymphovascular invasion.
The neoplastic cells had scant to moderate cytoplasm and poor- to well-defined boundaries.
NLPHL is an uncommon monoclonal B cell neoplasm characterized by large neoplastic cells known as popcorn or lymphocyte predominant cells (LP cells) in an inflammatory background.
Neoplastic cells are almost always associated with fibrotic stroma and frequently cause bone remodeling and new bone formation.
The number of circulating neoplastic cells does not correlate with the degree of bone marrow involvement, suggesting that circulating cells are recruited from other organs such as the skin.
Bc1-6 is also useful in identifying neoplastic cells in cases of nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin's disease.
In submucosa and soft tissue, the neoplastic cells infiltrated around small blood vessels and nerves and between adipocytes (Figure 1).
Since aspirin is an antiprostaglandin, "we hypothesized that BRAF-mutant colonic cells might be less sensitive to the antitumor effects of aspirin, whereas BRAF wild-type neoplastic cells might be more susceptible to its antitumor effects," they said.
1b) and composed of nests of discohesive, round to oval neoplastic cells (Fig.
Analysis of the pericardial fluid was negative for bacteria, acid-alcohol resistant bacilli and neoplastic cells.
This antigen is ideal for those that are researching possible treatments for lymphocytic leukemia because the CD23 antigen has been strongly expressed in neoplastic cells from cases of chronic lymphocytic B cells and certain cases of centroblastic lymphoma.
The disease is characterized by the infiltration of neoplastic cells with enlarged nuclei and high nuclear-to-cytoplasmic volume ratios.