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The areas that make up the Neotropical biogeographic region.


pl n
the tropical region of Central and South America
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Its postabdomen is rather straight, with parallel ventral and dorsal margins; specimens from the Neotropics have relatively large marginal teeth on the postabdomen.
Porter (1984) studied Laticinctus group of the genus Thyreodon in the Northern Neotropics and described a new species for Cuba and Bahamas.
These palms were introduced recently in the Neotropics and are found only in human-modified areas.
At the same time, today's reader demands textbooks that enhance the diversity of concepts and which do not hesitate to underpin discussions by reference to theory and praxis, or between traditional postulates and the imminent emergence of new paradigms from the Neotropics.
161-171, in: Vertebrate Ecology in the Northern Neotropics (JF Eisenberg, editor).
From the "biospheric membrane that covers the planet Earth" (Wilson, 2002) the neotropics have an immense importance.
The genus Bephratelloides Girault (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) is composed of 7 species widely distributed in the neotropics (Grissell & Schauff 1990; Grissell & Foster 1996; Chang 1998).
The sympatric range of both species, the morphological aspects of the flower and the phenology of balsa trees, as well as the behavior observed in the White-nosed Coati, open a interesting line of inquiry of the little known syndrome of eutherophily in the neotropics.
With more than 2000 thrips species currently described in the Neotropics, this region has great diversity within the Thysanoptera (Mound 2002).
Revisions on the distribution of the Cyclopoida group in the neotropics have considered few genera, such as Thermocyclops (Reid, 1989) and Mesocyclops (Suarez-Morales and Gutierrez-Aguirre, 2001; Gutierrez-Aguirre and Suarez-Morales, 2001), and have been some local efforts such as Silva and Matsumura-Tundisi (2005) for Themocyclops in Sao Paulo State in Brazil and Suarez-Morales (2004) for Eucyclops in Mexico.