Nepalese rupee

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Noun1.Nepalese rupee - the basic unit of money in Nepal; equal to 100 paisa
paisa - a fractional monetary unit in Bangladesh and India and Nepal and Pakistan
Nepalese monetary unit - monetary unit in Nepal
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But the 13km journey there was arguably no less high-octane with cars, buses, bikes, cyclists, pedestrians, cats, dogs, buffalos, cows and street vendors pushing carts all attracted to our 500 Nepalese rupee (BD2.
Families, impoverished and desperate, receive as little as 1,000 Nepalese rupees ($10) for the sale of their child, experts say.
The family of the Nepalese victim has been given 200,000 Nepalese rupees.
Within the immediate suburbs of Kathmandu, near the Ring Road, plots of land suitable for building are now sold for 15 to 30 lakh of Nepalese rupees per ana (1/16 of ropani = 31.
On the first day of my journey, my mother gave me 100 Nepalese Rupees, worth around e1/41.
BUREAUX de change are being asked to look out for Nepalese rupees stolen in a violent city burglary.
Jeanneret's trekking agency in Kathmandu said that the Maoists stopped Jeanneret and his tour guide and told him to pay them 1,800 Nepalese rupees ($28) for his 18-day trek as a ''trekking fee.

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