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lälläs lää
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Den I give a nigger man a dollar for dese clo'es, en I ain't be'in in a house sence, night ner day, till now.
Something of her natura l bluntness broke out in her man ner as she repeated the answer.
There was much food for thought in the man- ner in which he replied.
On the very ladder he lingered, and in that unique, guiltily conscientious man- ner of sticking to the point:
The steward being engaged in laying the table for din- ner, we could talk only with our eyes when I first went down.
A grave, preoccupied man- ner, as though he were in possession of some perplexing intelligence, did not leave him henceforth.
After paying for his pur- chase with three half-pence extracted from the cor- ner of a handkerchief which he carried in the cuff of his sleeve, Captain Hagberd went out.
My ner ves were irritated; I felt a sense of angry discontent with myself and with others.
er inteh a little tin angel, ner nottin', but deh way it is now she can queer us
I was to a certain extent horrified; but it was rather a secondary sort of effect, not really strong enough to make me yell at him in some such man- ner as: "Stop
WT Naylor, a bricklayer at York Carriage Works and a member of the NER fire brigade, was awarded a From Page 21 medallion by the NER centre of the St John's Ambulance Association for "conspicuous bravery" during one of the Zeppelin raids.
NER operates a national database of equipment theft and ownership reports to help law enforcement identify the owners of equipment suspected to be stolen.