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 (nîr′ē-əs, nîr′yo͞os′)
n. Greek Mythology
A sea god, son of Oceanus and Gaea and father of the Nereids.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a sea god who lived in the depths of the sea with his wife Doris and their daughters the Nereides


(ˈnɪər i əs, ˈnɪər yus)

(in Greek myth) a sea god, the father of the Nereids.
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Noun1.Nereus - (Greek mythology) a sea god son of Pontus and Gaea; lived in the depths of the sea with his wife Doris and their daughters the Nereids
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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Then Achilles gave a loud cry and his mother heard him as she was sitting in the depths of the sea by the old man her father, whereon she screamed, and all the goddesses daughters of Nereus that dwelt at the bottom of the sea, came gathering round her.
Listen," she cried, "sisters, daughters of Nereus, that you may hear the burden of my sorrows.
233-239) And Sea begat Nereus, the eldest of his children, who is true and lies not: and men call him the Old Man because he is trusty and gentle and does not forget the laws of righteousness, but thinks just and kindly thoughts.
Hareon Solar Technology Company Limited, one of China s largest solar energy companies announced today that it has entered into a joint venture (JV) with Nereus Capital and Treasury Group.
Musicians include Birminghambased reggae star Glama Wayne and Nereus Joseph.
The one-of-a-kind unmanned Nereus was in the final stages of a 10-kilometre dive into the Kermadec Trench when it crumpled under the tremendous water pressure.
The Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle Nereus was lost at 9,990 meters (6.
A In Greek mythology Arethusa was a nymph and the daughter of Nereus.
The British women's eight, competing as Leander and Oxford Brookes University won comfortably against a crew composed of Newcastle University and ASR Nereus from Holland.
He retired from the Navy in January 1971, having served as Disbursing Officer aboard USS Vulcan (AR-5); Supply Officer aboard USS Springfield (CL-66); and Supply Officer aboard USS Nereus (AS-17), and Submarine Squadron 5.
Lori Mesecke Nereus for Buffalo Technology Tel: +1.
Ex-Manchester, for family of four (two adults, two children) pounds 1, 200 in as CYPRUS 7 nights self-catering at Nereus Apartments in Paphos.