Nervous fever

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(Med.) a low form of fever characterized by great disturbance of the nervous system, as evinced by delirium, or stupor, disordered sensibility, etc.

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References in classic literature ?
For all these weeks I had suffered from a nervous fever, attended with constant delirium.
The gout, the rheumatism, the stone, the gravel, and the consumption, have all their several patrons in the faculty; and none more than the nervous fever, or the fever on the spirits.
Perry called at Hartfield, the same morning, it appeared that she was so much indisposed as to have been visited, though against her own consent, by himself, and that she was suffering under severe headaches, and a nervous fever to a degree, which made him doubt the possibility of her going to Mrs.
Putrid fever and lung inflammation probably mean typhus and pneumonia, but nervous fever is unidentifiable.
Drew works up the necessary nervous fever to play the part of an the imprisoned spirit struggling against the mould.