Nervous temperament

a condition of body characterized by a general predominance of mental manifestations.
- Mayne.

See also: Nervous

References in classic literature ?
He was tall, had a large forehead, straight nose, a clearly cut mouth, beautiful teeth, with fine taper hands, indicative of a highly nervous temperament.
Those of a nervous temperament used to imagine that it was a trap laid for them, and would shout murder as they lay on their backs at the bottom till somebody came and picked them up.
His nervous temperament is occasionally prone to take difficult music a little too quickly; to-day, his time is perfect.
Previous studies have linked high cortisol levels in milk to a more nervous temperament in both monkeys and humans.
Those with a nervous temperament or with high anxiety levels develop the habit of grinding their teeth even when they are asleep.
He pleaded four times to be transferred back to sea service saying his nervous temperament made him unsuitable for trench warfare but, despite his concerns, Dyett was pushed to the front to fight in the Battle of the Somme.
nervous temperament on more than one occasion only because of his owner's blind faith and obsessive belief that he would win a race.
The dogs have a fundamentally nervous temperament and are very slow to forget anything that has frightened or hurt them.
Woman," insisted Morselli, "only shares in these through the affections, and although she has a more impressionable nervous temperament, yet possesses the faculty of resigning herself more easily to circumstances.
Though his nervous temperament made him unsuitable for trench warfare, he was eventually sent to fight in the front lines at the Battle of the Somme.