Nestorian Church

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Noun1.Nestorian Church - a Christian Church in the Middle East that followed Nestorianism; there is still a small Nestorian Church in Iraq
Christian church, church - one of the groups of Christians who have their own beliefs and forms of worship
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The monastery is believed to have been built by a community of 30-40 monks who probably belonged to the Nestorian Church.
In her study on the Nestorian Church and its interactions with Muslims, Metselaar aims to portray the influences these two faith communities had on each other.
14) Besides the well-published images of the cross at the head of the Nestorian stele, there have been an increasing number of archeological finds related to the Eastern Nestorian Church in China during the twentieth century that have revealed similar crosses.
8) A beaded sleeve is still clear, similar in appearance to one in the Nestorian Church on the image of Menas, whose open left hand carries a ship graffito.
The main Eastern groups belong to the autonomous Orthodox churches, the Uniate churches (which recognize the Roman Catholic Pope), or the independent Nestorian Church.