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Noun1.Netscape - a commercial browser
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Software developer Netscape Communications Corp has announced the availability of the latest version of its Netscape browser.
Netscape Radio is now one of the most frequented tools accessed from the Netscape Browser -- ranking 4th only behind Search, My Netscape, and Shop@Netscape.
AOL, Colburn insisted, was not principally interested in the Netscape browser software but in its Netcenter portal - the second largest after AOL's own.
It's important to note that Novell bundles the Netscape browser technology with its operating systems free of charge.
AOL now plans to capitalise on Netscape's reputation and will integrate the Netscape Netcentre Portal -- present in the Netscape browser -- into its own service.
Both models have secure, SSL encrypted, browser based configuration and management, either from their own Netscape browser, or from any remote desktop.
At the Microsoft antitrust trial in Washington, evidence emerged regarding AOL chairman Bob Pittman's reply to Steve Case's questions about migrating to a Netscape browser for the AOL client.
Netscape today announced that the Netscape browser will be distributed with all new HP and Compaq consumer desktop and notebook PCs starting in early 2006.
The Netscape browser business was in a state of significant decline," he said.
95 Netscape browser are included in AIFR's Smart software products free of charge.
It will be former Netscape server SVP and general manager John Paul who gets the reins to America Online's Netscape browser project, though quite what it will be doing is still unclear.
In addition to the Netscape browser and the Netscape.