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Noun1.Netscape - a commercial browser
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Software developer Netscape Communications Corp has announced the availability of the latest version of its Netscape browser.
The group also pointed out that in spite of all appearances, Netscape browser development is not at a standstill.
This suggests that perhaps AOL is less interested in the Netscape browser than in Netscape's NetCenter, another widely popular portal site that is consistently ranked in the top 10.
The lawsuit comes in response to a federal court finding last year that Microsoft illegally protected its Windows operating system monopoly against threats such as Java and the Netscape browser.
Alas, there are still people left who haven't heard the result and are still insisting their sites must work perfectly when viewed through the Netscape Browser.
The AOL distributed Communicator client is the evolution of the Netscape browser and will encompass all of the functionality of the other three.
0 in conjunction with any Netscape browser or Microsoft's Explorer browser.
Compatible with Netscape browser software and Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the system creates the effect of live video by delivering digital content at a rate of 25 pictures/second.
At the Microsoft antitrust trial in Washington, evidence emerged regarding AOL chairman Bob Pittman's reply to Steve Case's questions about migrating to a Netscape browser for the AOL client.
AOL now plans to capitalise on Netscape's reputation and will integrate the Netscape Netcentre Portal -- present in the Netscape browser -- into its own service.
Both models have secure, SSL encrypted, browser based configuration and management, either from their own Netscape browser, or from any remote desktop.