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a.1.(Anat.) Of or pertaining to both the neuron and the enteron; as, the neurenteric canal, which, in embroys of many vertebrates, connects the medullary tube and the primitive intestine. See Illust. of Ectoderm.
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2] The Kovalevsky or neurenteric canal is defined as a canal connecting the neural tube and archenteron in the embryo, resulting from a persisting abnormal communication between the notochord and yolk sac and the amnion during an early stage of embryonic development.
They include pericardial and neural cysts, bronchogenic cysts, esophageal duplication cysts, neurenteric cysts, and cysts of other origin.
Much rarer primary tumors are schwannomas of other cranial nerves: of the trigeminal nerve, of the facial nerve, or of the caudal cranial nerves; paragangliomas, chordomas, chordosarcomas, arachnoid or neurenteric cysts, dermoid tumors, and metastases5.
A recurrent intradural cervical neurenteric cyst operated on using an anterior approach: a case report.
Abdominal CT was obtained to investigate progressive abdominal distention and look for neurenteric fistula.
INTRODUCTION: Intraspinal neurenteric cysts are rare and account for only 0.
3,7) However, when a neurenteric lesion is suspected an MRI would be helpful to detect vertebral and intraspinal anomalies and, therefore, would be the diagnostic investigation of choice.
One possible mechanism for this occurrence is a vascular accident that results in atresia and acts as a barrier to caudal migration of the neurenteric cells distal to the atresia.
During this phase, there is a transient communication between the amnion and yolk sac, called the neurenteric canal.
A case of a mediastinal neurenteric cyst demonstrated by prenatal ultrasound.
Calcification and vertebral anomalies are rare, therefore other causes of posterior mediastinal masses, such as neurenteric cyst and neuroblastoma, can be excluded.