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 (no͞o′strē-ə, nyo͞o′-)
The western part of the kingdom of the Merovingian Franks from the sixth to the eighth century, in present-day northwest France. It engaged in almost constant warfare with Austrasia, the eastern portion of the realm. After 912 the name was applied to Normandy.

Neu′stri·an adj. & n.


(Placename) of or relating to Neustria or its inhabitants
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Remarks: This genus has been identified in several Spanish and French localities, ranging from the Neustrian (MP8+9) to the Geiseltalian (MP12).
Bought on behalf of a syndicate, the April-born colt was consigned by Neustrian Associates.
The Neustrian Council of Soissons in 744, the third synod under Boniface's direction, discussed the heresy of Aldebert.
The Migration of Neustrian Relics in the Viking Age: The Myth of Voluntary Exodus, the Reality of Coercion and Theft.
On the other hand, Barontus was the son or a relative of an Aquitanian nobleman in the service of the Neustrian court.
YESTERDAY'S TOP LOTS From Neustrian Associates 345 c, 1, ShamardalSongbook (Singspiel) .
You shouldn't be negative, because it's always a matter of chance," said Edwige le Metayer, whose Neustrian Associates sold one of two horses offered on Sunday.
The session's top price was e50,000, paid by Marcel Rolland for a Smadoun half-brother to this year's Listed Auteuil winner Ennemi d'Etat from the consignment of Neustrian Associates.
A colt by Night Shift, sent up by Neustrian Associates, tops the day at Deauville sales.