Neutral salt

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(Chem.) a salt formed by the complete replacement of the hydrogen in an acid or base; in the former case by a positive or basic, in the latter by a negative or acid, element or radical.

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As a control, the dogs carried out the same test after having received a spray of neutral salt water in the same way.
Figure 1 shows the neutral salt spray test result (72 hours) of samples passivated in fresh/new solution and in long run solution after heating at 120 degrees Celsius for 24 hours.
Testing includes 600 hours of neutral salt spray and 1,200 hours of carbon-dioxide/sulfur-dioxide exposure on multiple scribed and unscribed panels finished with the tested coating applied in varying thicknesses.
Generally, neutral salt stress interferes with nutrient cations uptake like K+, Ca2+, Mg2+( Drenovsky and Richards, 2003; Tuna et al.
In our lab tests, the process easily achieved 1000 hours in the neutral salt spray test" Scanning electron microscopy images show a uniform, dense wet film before curing, and consistent coating thickness even on sharp-edged geometries.
9% coverage, as well as corrosion resistance of 1,000-plus hours in a neutral salt spray bath.
Electrochemical impedance measurements of the paint-coated panels were carried out by exposing the coated mild steel panels without scribe in different corrosive environments such as immersion in NaCl solution, neutral salt spray, etc.