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v. t.1.To name; to mention; to utter.
As oft I heard my lord them neven.
- Chaucer.
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Groomsmen included Bailey Rollins Braswell, James Whit Carr, Andrew Maloney Chase, Garrett Taylor Dombrowski, Hollis Taylor Holleman, William Nevan Jones III, Robert Boyce Mull, Robert Evan SmallwocxJ, Matthew Thomas Staub, Joseph McClain Strickland, brother of the groom, Benjamin Michael Womble, and Charles Taylor Wynn Jr.
Nevan Krogan, Gerard Cagney, Haiyuan Yu, Gouqing Zhong, Xinghua Guo, Alexandr Ignatchenko, Joyce Li, Shuye Pu, Nira Datta, Aaron Tikuisis, Thanuja Punna, Jose P.
Nevan, 43, recently teamed up with Dunnes Stores' Simply Better range and says he is so flat out he has no plans to open a second restaurant.
25, 2016, in Cell Reports, was conducted by the laboratories of co-senior authors Nevan J.
However, with uncertainty over Allardyce's future at the club, it looks like they could be trumped to his signature by a rival Premier League side - just as they have been for James Tomkins and Nevan Subotic already this summer.
Jeff Grant has discovered a possibly unique word that shows how English works with great freedom in its breezy spelling habits: "Lori Cooper's 75,000 Baby Names (2009) lists the male given name Nevan, which is Irish for 'holy'.
Nevan Graillat, the French bank's global head of sustainable investment solutions, said that the bank was expecting to raise EUR1bn from clients, which would add to the EUR750m already raised by the bank for sustainable products in partnership with Solactive, the data provider.
Andrew Brown, Brandon Bara (5), Dave Meech (6) and Nevan Fish; Jake LaFontaine and Cole Bromley.
Finding Huddersfield's defence narrowed around the ruck on their own try line, Firwood then played a simple miss pass to flanker Oliver Nevan who walked over the line unopposed.
25 Olivia BLYTH 10 Emma BOISTON 11 Johnathan BOND 10 Jane BOOTH 11 Jamie BOWDEN 11 Jessica BRACEGIRDLE 10 Peter BREDIN-KEMP 10 Eilidh BRENNAN-DAVIES 12 Nevan BRIERLEY 11 Ella BROOKES 10 Alex BROWN 10 Alexander BROWN 10 Chloe BROWN 11 Honoria BROWN 10 India BROWN 10 Kathryn BROWN 10 Philip BROWN 10 Rebecca BROWN 10 Mark BRYSON 11 Erin BUCHANAN 11 Jordan BURNHAM 10 Joe CAMPBELL 9.