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When your nevew that you recommended for a teacher had done this to my pa and jumped upon his body with his feet and also langwedge which I will not pollewt my pen with describing, he assaulted my ma with dreadful violence, dashed her to the earth, and drove her back comb several inches into her head.
Pictures, ROLAND ROWLEY' Nick Green, partner Hammonds, Rohit Bhatna, assistant manager Rajdoot, Daniel Le Nevew, Persimmon Homes, Martin Walker, partner Hammonds' Clare Hunt, Hammonds, Mark Gaywood, Anglo Irish Bank, Sophie Atkinson, Hammonds, Stewart Davies, Anglo Irish Bank' Chris Bampton, Bache Treharne, Victoria Cockman, Hammonds, Alex Watson, DTZ, Harjinder Samra, Hammonds, Sean Moran, Bache Treharne' Fiona Grimshaw, Charles Church, Steve Lambley, Charles Church, Neil Taylor, Hammonds, Debbie O'Neill, Hammonds, Stuart Clark, DBK Back
Thus sir Launcelot rested hym longe with play and game; and than he thoughte hymself to preve in straunge adventures, and bade his nevew, sir Lyonell, for to make hym redy, 'for we muste go seke adventures'.