Next door to

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near to; bordering on.

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References in classic literature ?
The house next door to the Presbyterian Church, through the windows of which the minister had seen the sight that had so upset him, was occupied by two women.
At the time when Cornelius van Baerle began to devote himself to tulip-growing, expending on this hobby his yearly revenue and the guilders of his father, there was at Dort, living next door to him, a citizen of the name of Isaac Boxtel who from the age when he was able to think for himself had indulged the same fancy, and who was in ecstasies at the mere mention of the word "tulban," which
All at once, Cornelius van Baerle, who, after all his learned pursuits, had been seized with the tulipomania, made some changes in his house at Dort, which, as we have stated, was next door to that of Boxtel.
Boxtel, then, was to have next door to him a rival and successful competitor; and his rival, instead of being some unknown, obscure gardener, was the godson of Mynheer Cornelius de Witt, that is to say, a celebrity.
The restaurant was next door to the old red brick in which she ball- roomed.
An' den when dat Sadie MacMallister next door to us was sent teh deh devil by dat feller what worked in deh soap-factory, didn't I tell our Mag dat if she--"
The nearest," said the district doctor, "is a good Italian abbe, who lives next door to you.
After compiling an evidence blog, they begin to fear they could be living next door to the next 'Baby P'.
I have a terraced house next door to a council house and my roof began leaking after the council put on a new one next door.
If you live next door to a 4,000-acre estate which you can only enter via the tradesman's entrance.
SUSAN Boyle has proved that home is where the heart is by buying the property next door to her modest ex-council house to create her dream home.
Adjacent buildings did not appear damaged and power was still on in a building next door to the burning structure.