Next week

Next week   
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About our little party down in Hampshire next week," he began.
Having found out the clue to that great mystery how people can contrive to live beyond their means, and having over-jobbed his jobberies as legislator deputed to the Universe by the pure electors of Pocket-Breaches, it shall come to pass next week that Veneering will accept the Chiltern Hundreds, that the legal gentleman in Britannia's confidence will again accept the Pocket- Breaches Thousands, and that the Veneerings will retire to Calais, there to live on Mrs Veneering's diamonds (in which Mr Veneering, as a good husband, has from time to time invested considerable sums), and to relate to Neptune and others, how that, before Veneering retired from Parliament, the House of Commons was composed of himself and the six hundred and fifty-seven dearest and oldest friends he had in the world.
Pollyanna, next week you're going to take a journey.
He half drew from his waistcoat- pocket a letter with Arthur's still beloved hand on the address, scowled at it, and put it back again, adding - 'But he tells me he is about to return next week.
Jennings from seeing her sister's thoughts as clearly as she did, "I dare say we shall have Sir John and Lady Middleton in town by the end of next week.
Morris immediately; that he is to take possession before Michaelmas, and some of his servants are to be in the house by the end of next week.
We mustn't let next week rob us of this week's joy.
If you wouldn't mind I'd like to give you the money for next week in advance.
Our drawing class breaks up next week, and before the girls separate for the summer, I want to ask them out here for a day.
The Echo Lodge people came over the next week, and Green Gables buzzed with the delight of them.
And here we are, with the exams looming up next week.
But I thought it wasn't until next week she was going.