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Noun1.Ni-resist - cast iron consisting of graphite in a matrix of austenite
alloy cast iron, alloy iron - cast iron containing alloying elements (usually nickel or chromium or copper or molybdenum) to increase the strength or facilitate heat treatment
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The latest parts feature pistons with GRAFAL[R] skirt coating, NI-Resist top ring carrier, oil cooling, profile pin bores, phosphate coating and a size and configuration range to cover any Sprinter need.
According to a company press release, the planned expansions will enable Westcast's facility in Wuhan, China, to produce stainless steel castings and its facility in Oroszlany, Hungary, to produce Ni-Resist and stainless steel castings, in addition to the multiple alloys already produced at each of the facilities.
The MTC eliminates pump failures by using industrial duty pumps with EPDM Ni-Resist mechanical seals rated up to 300 [degrees] E The standard 30 psi discharge pressure is said to deliver powerful, turbulent flow.
Advancements in the automotive industry have led to new higher performance engines typically requiring high temperature materials for exhaust manifolds such as ferritic, high silicon molybdenum and Ni-Resist ductile irons, as well as ferritic and austenitic grades of cast stainless steel.
New microstructure models are now available; for example for Ni-Resist and Compacted Graphite Iron, materials mostly used in the automotive industry.
The casting facility pours iron and aluminum, as well as some exotic metals, such as Ni-Resist and high silicon molybdenum.
The major growth is expected in applications in irrigation and mud pumps and in replacement of gray iron and conversion of copper alloyed applications to ductile Ni-Resist.
Maximum Recommended Temperatures for Metals Used In Exhaust Manifolds Material Maximum Temperature Gray Iron 1000F (540C) Compacted Graphite Iron 1200F (650C) Ferritic Ductile Iron 1400F (760C) High Si-Mo Ductile Iron 160F (870C) Ni-Resist Ductile Iron 1700F (925C) Ferritic Stainless Steel 1750F (955C) Austenitic Stainless Steel 1925F (1050C)
Casting Data: gray, ductile and high-chrome iron; ductile Ni-resist; Ni-resist, Ni-hard; and carbon, low-alloy and stainless steel in runs from 1-1000 and in weights of ounces to 10,000 lb.