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An ancient city of northwest Asia Minor near the Bosporus in present-day Turkey. Founded in 264 bc on the site of an earlier city, it flourished for many centuries. Around ad 286, Diocletian made Nicomedia the capital of the eastern portion of the Roman Empire, but it was soon superseded by Byzantium.
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El emperador Diocleciano le habria nombrado (entre 285 y 295) <<maestro>> de retorica latina para su residencia de Nicomedia (en Anatolia; es la actual Izmit).
George were taken from Nicomedia (Asia Minor) where he was martyred to Palestine where his mother lived in the ancient town called Lydda (currently the Tel Aviv Airport is next to St.
He was a soldier in Cappadocia who, as a Christian, was put to death in Nicomedia in 303 AD.
29) Habia sido bautizado en el arrianismo por Eusebio de Nicomedia poco antes de su muerte (Vita Constantini, IV, 62; CAMERON, Averil y HALL, Stuart.
Conocio al emperador y estuvo con el en Nicomedia, pero su grado de familiaridad no debe exagerarse, pues esta parece ser la unica ocasion que tuvo para conversar con el directamente (26).
In a philosophical work entitled EtzHaChayyim (Tree of Life), Aaron ben Elijah of Nicomedia discussed the Karaite views about Oral Tradition.
Adrian of Nicomedia, a pagan soldier in the imperial court, watched the strength of the Christians he persecuted and announced himself converted.
Named for a minor martyred saint--Gorgonius of Nicomedia or of Rome, depending on what you read--Gorgonio is the highest mountain in Southern California.
Cordoba, Eusebius of Caesarea, and Eusebius of Nicomedia being the most