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An ancient city of northwest Asia Minor near the Bosporus in present-day Turkey. Founded in 264 bc on the site of an earlier city, it flourished for many centuries. Around ad 286, Diocletian made Nicomedia the capital of the eastern portion of the Roman Empire, but it was soon superseded by Byzantium.
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Adrian of Nicomedia, a pagan soldier in the imperial court, watched the strength of the Christians he persecuted and announced himself converted.
In a philosophical work entitled EtzHaChayyim (Tree of Life), Aaron ben Elijah of Nicomedia discussed the Karaite views about Oral Tradition.
Named for a minor martyred saint--Gorgonius of Nicomedia or of Rome, depending on what you read--Gorgonio is the highest mountain in Southern California.
Cordoba, Eusebius of Caesarea, and Eusebius of Nicomedia being the most
Juliana of Nicomedia from the Exeter Book and Fates of the Apostles and Elena: The Finding of the True Cross from the Vercelli Book.
As a result, some of them chose living at the Rhine and Danube, like Maximinius I, Diocletian chose Nicomedia to his residency, till Constantine I came and built Constantinople in early 4th century at the confluence of the Bosphorus Sea of Marmara so to be the residency of Emperors and the new Rome.
which a private citizen tried to arouse against Elagabalus, wintering at Nicomedia (218-19).
146) In 326 a bevy of bishops were summoned to a banquet in Constantine's palace in Nicomedia to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his accession.
The interaction between the Ottoman court and Byzantium is reflected in a transparent sakkos (eclesiastical tunic) of silk and gilt metal thread presented before 1629 by the sultan to Neophytos when he became Metropolitan of Nicomedia.
Juliana of Nicomedia en route to her execution preached publicly to hundreds.
For instance, in 325, following his victory over Licinius at Chysopolis, Constantine issued a proclamation to the people of Nicomedia encouraging them to forward complaints against provincial governors or members of the palatine staff directly to him.