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 (nē′ē-gä′tə, -tä)
A city of northwest Honshu, Japan, on the Sea of Japan north-northwest of Tokyo. It is a leading port with a major chemical industry.


(Placename) a port in central Japan, on NW Honshu at the mouth of the Shinano River: the chief port on the Sea of Japan. Pop: 514 678 (2002 est)


(ˈni iˈgɑ tɑ)

a seaport on NW Honshu, in central Japan. 486,000
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Hatano Setsuko, a professor emeritus at Nigata University, is going to present her paper on "Mujong" and in Hangul at this symposium.
Former Trinidad and Tobago international Darryl Roberts reprised his heroics from the first leg, scoring both goals again as Global completed a 4-3 aggregate victory against the S-League side and arranged a title clash with Albirex Nigata.
31) The teams are Kobe, Tokyo V, Yokohama FM, C Osaka, Nigata, Okayama, Sapporo, Ehime, Tochigi, and Tokushima.
Japan defeated the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team 2-1 in the opener of a five-game friendship series Tuesday at Hard-Off Eco Stadium in Nigata.
Influenza vaccination levels and influenza-like illness in long-term-care facilities for elderly people in Nigata, Japan, during an influenza A (H3N2) epidemic.
In the 1990s, Japan suffered from the highest number of sequential natural catastrophes in recent history with 2004 being the most significant year of the past decade due to the occurrence of 10 typhoons as well as the Nigata earthquake (Guy Carpenter, 2006).
The company worked on the Sapparo Domeand the Nigata Stadium, both FIFA approved venues, and they have developed a large range of new technologies related to seating and the movement of surfaces which could be applicable to Qatar's preparations for 2022.
Jamco, which ships the galleys from Yokohama port after making them at a plant in Murakami, Nigata, in northwest Japan, said production was unaffected, but delivery could be hampered by gasoline supplies and higher prices.
Earlier when US ambassador arrived Ghazi Airbase to undertake visit of flood hit areas in KPP, Brig Babar Farooqi and Colonel Hamid on behalf of Pakistan army and Brig Nigata on behalf of US forces gave him briefing with respect to relief operation.
Address for correspondence: Asami Sasaki, Division of Health and Nutrition, 471 Ebigase, Higashi-Ku, Nigata City, Nigata 950-8680, Japan; email: asammy@unii.
A number of concrete projects were adopted at the meeting, such as the opening of a new ferry route to connect Troitsa (Russia), Sokcho (South Korea) and Nigata (Japan) to improve inter-regional transportation, and the feasibility study for a new Mongolia-China railway allowing a better access to sea ports and markets for land-locked provinces.