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A plant (Guizotia abyssinica) of the composite family native to northeast Africa, having yellow flower heads and grown for its oil-rich seeds, often used for birdseed.

[From earlier niger seed, probably after the Niger River in West Africa, where it is widely grown.]

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 (nī′jər, nē-zhâr′)
A country of west-central Africa. The Tuareg and Hausa established states in the late Middle Ages, and the region was dominated by the Songhai and Bornu empires in the 1500s. Niger came under the French sphere of influence after the Conference of Berlin (1884-1885) and was made a separate colony within French West Africa in 1922. It achieved independence in 1960. Niamey is the capital and the largest city.

Ni′ger·i·en n. & adj.


1. (Placename) of or relating to Niger or its inhabitants
2. (Peoples) of or relating to Niger or its inhabitants
(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Niger
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Noun1.Nigerien - a native or inhabitant of Niger
Republic of Niger, Niger - a landlocked republic in West Africa; gained independence from France in 1960; most of the country is dominated by the Sahara Desert
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
Adj.1.Nigerien - of or relating to the people of Nigeria; "a Nigerian novelist won the Nobel Prize for literature this year"
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Les aveux d'un infirmier nigerien, arrete au Niger, viendraient dementir la mort du chef terroriste algerien Mokhtar Belmokhtar, selon le site Middle East Eye (MEE).
Le president nigerien a souligne dans ce sens son appui a une solution consensuelle pour le reglement pacifique de la question du Sahara surtout que la region fait face a des defis securitaires avec la montee du terrorisme.