a.1.Blooming in the night.
Night-blooming cereus
(Bot.) See Note under Cereus.
References in classic literature ?
Manhattan, the night-blooming cereus, was beginning to unfold its dead-white, heavy-odoured petals.
It turned out to be a night-blooming cereus, a blanket term for around a dozen species of cactuses that produce flowers that only bloom at night.
Many in this night-blooming crowd stayed on for the afterparty.
The sense of scientific excitement is palpable in extracts from Carl Linnaeus's 'Lapland Journal', and who could resist the tale of Margaret Mee finally locating, and painting, a night-blooming Amazonian Moonflower at the age of 78, after a search of 24 years?
Behind them is the immaculate landscape of a Southern California mini-palace, so verdant and lush (drought be damned) you can practically smell the night-blooming jasmine.
For example, evenings are the best time for visitors to see bats and fireflies; hear katydids, frogs, and owls; and smell night-blooming flowers.
A few stems of night-blooming jasmine or frangipani cast a net of intoxicating fragrance all over an entrance hall or courtyard.
They range from an exquisite night-blooming cereus to an arrangement of spent orchid petals organized in a grouping called "Orchids Squared.
FROM THE COOL MOONLIGHT, to the soft sounds of nocturnal birds, to the scent of night-blooming flowers, the most magical time to enjoy your garden may be at night.
3 | SAGUARO These night-blooming cactus flowers last for only 24 hours, but the bees catch them to create a rich, mellow honey that reminds us of taffy.
Even in the shadow of Cate Blanchett's night-blooming Jasmine, Hawkins is no shrinking violet.
The fruit is sustainably harvested in Thailand from night-blooming cactus plants and the fibrous sweet pulp in the center is sliced and sun-dried.